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Hello! I'm Tristan. I provide Photobooths for events.

I’m passionate about enhancing events, with photobooth experiences that guests will cherish forever. From creative backdrops to instant photo sharing technology.

I don't just set up photobooths; I'm crafting memory-making stations for every event! With a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of tech magic, and a big scoop of interactive fun, I'm mixing up the perfect recipe to help our clients dazzle their guests and capture unforgettable moments.

At RNGA, my mission is to put the 'snap' in snapshot moments! I work hand-in-hand with event planners and hosts, transforming their celebratory visions into vibrant photobooth experiences. Through imaginative backdrops, cutting-edge technology, and a whole lot of passion, I'm on a quest to make every event a memorable and fun-filled occasion, one photo at a time. Let's capture some magic together!

Hire A Photobooth For Your Next Special Event

Setting up a Photobooth is like baking a cake – it’s all about the right moments, a dash of spontaneity, and that special click-sauce! In our photo studio at RNGA, we mix together fun and flair, merging timeless memories with state-of-the-art functionality.

We frame ideas with our unique process of Planning, Designing, Capturing, and Delivering, ensuring they develop into the perfect snapshot. Our Photobooth magic has brightened events and brought smiles to thousands, with over 8,500 memorable captures. Just like a master photographer knows the significance of the perfect angle, we understand that the final print is all about capturing the essence, so we deliver photos that not only look picture-perfect but evoke pure joy.

So strike a pose for success with us, and let’s create some unforgettable memories together!